The wirelessly charged ball within 0.5 meters is the spike.

[Summary] MotherBox is a true over-the-air wireless charger that can achieve a maximum transmission distance of 0.5 meters and has both indoor and mobile versions.

Tencent smartphone (Ben) continues to grow and becomes more powerful

But except for batteries

Whether it is battery performance or charging method

There are no disruptive changes

Take wireless charging

Electromagnetic coil method

Always require the phone to be accurately and tightly affixed to the wireless charging pad

Also don't forget

The wireless charging board still needs the cable to connect to the power supply

Is there any kind of rejuvenation that wants to cut the line?

So, almost everyone thinks the ultimate form of wireless charging

Is the so-called "over-the-air charging"

Fully wireless, no need to cling to the coil

In fact, many technology companies and start-up companies are developing similar technologies.

Including rumored iPhone 8

The MotherBox from a crowdfunding platform

Will also be listed in September this year

How wonderful is it?

You see, MotherBox is a polygonal ball.

iPhone wearing an adapter phone case near it

It is able to achieve wireless charging


In fact, the slightly thicker phone case adapter is only an early prototype of MotherBox.

The latest version is just a very thin sticker

Paste the phone interface behind the phone

How about the charging distance and efficiency of MotherBox?

It is divided into two versions: Mini and Normal Edition

Smaller version of the Mini version can achieve up to 0.25 meters of transmission (1W power), 4W within 0.12 meters

The longest transmission distance of the ordinary version is 0.5 meters (2W power), the power within 0.25 meters is 8W, and the charging speed is faster.

In addition, there is a plug on the normal version of MotherBox, which can be plugged into AC power and is more suitable for use in the home.

Mini version has built-in rechargeable battery for mobile applications

MotherBox can also charge multiple devices at the same time

Compatible with iOS and Android

Wide range of applications

The price of 79 US dollars (about 542 yuan) is not too expensive

Users tired of traditional charging methods can look

Source: indiegogo

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