Musk: Entering the Indian Market this Summer or the Tesla Model 3

【World Wide Web Reporter Reporter Zhang Zhiying】 When China becomes the world's largest auto market, it does not absolutely mean that automakers should bet on everything in China. The face of the problem is how Tesla gave some ideas if Tesla Model 3 failed in China. Tesla entered other markets through expansion plans, at least not putting all the eggs in the same basket.

Tesla has already begun looking for ways to enter India. India is the second largest population country and they will provide Tesla Model 3 in India. Although Model S has not yet been supplied, the current acceptance of the car is quite positive, and Tesla has also begun to open pre-orders.

The recent Tesla CEO Elon Musk, through the US social networking site Twitter, stated that Tesla’s infrastructure in India is about to be ready this summer, but it does not mean that Tesla Model 3 will be shipped at the same time. Up to India.

Twitter's post just responded to everyone's questions: When will the Tesla Model 3 be released in India? They anxiously waited for its arrival, and Musk responded that hope was this summer.

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