The value of acceleration, the most beautiful hundred yuan charm blue 3 depth experience

On April 25th, Meizu formally held a conference for Charm Blue 3 in Beijing. It is vaguely remembered that the previous mobile conference only paid attention to performance and parameters, but did not mention the design. But now even if it is a thousand yuan machine, even hundred yuan machine has begun to pay attention to the appearance design, this time Charm Blue 3 is one of the representatives of high value, this article will give you a detailed experience report.

It may be due to cost reasons, Charm Blue 3 box is very small. The positive "charm blue" word uses a gradient of color processing, a small fresh feeling. The words "Youth Good Quality" are printed on the side, which is also a label of the Charm Blue series. The sticker on the back of the box lists in detail the communication network supported by Charm Blue 3 and some basic parameters.

When you open the box, you can see today's protagonist Charm Blue 3 (it was originally factory film, and I took it off when I took pictures). After I took out the phone, I could see the card pin with “Flyme” printed on it. The inside of the box adopts a page-turning design. The manual, charger and data cable are placed in the lower layer. The compact structure inside is one of the reasons why it can be so compact.

Charm Blue 3 body size is 141.569.58.3mm, one-handed state can also have "control the overall" pleasure. The use of a molded back shell made of polycarbonate, the transition to the middle frame and the four R angles are all reasons why it gives the user an excellent grip.

The attractiveness of the black front panel is undoubtedly fatal. I love this profound "out-of-screen aesthetics", and this can only be felt on black panel machines. Although it is a hundred yuan machine, Charm Blue 3 is still using the front panel of 2.5D glass, there is only a mouthpiece at the top, the front camera and light and distance sensors are under the glass, in the normal state is difficult to find light and distance sensor. The waist circle below has become a symbol of the Meizu, and many manufacturers in the United States are learning and learning from it. mBack users have a high degree of stickiness, and the usage efficiency after usage is greatly improved, and it is very convenient. The key feel is also done well, the feedback is clear, the springback speed is moderate, the button is fairly balanced, and there is no point in Tucao.

The connection between the front 2.5D glass and the middle frame is still using a layer of plastic material for transition, which can play a certain role in protecting the screen in the event of a collision. However, in Charm Blue 3, this transition appears to be relatively natural, and it does not produce a very clear sense of fragmentation, which is worthy of praise.

Charm Blue 3's middle frame and back shell are made of polycarbonate material. The right side of the fuselage is the volume key and power button, the keys are slightly loose. However, my hand feels good, with moderate pressure and clear feedback. The left side of the fuselage is with the slot or card slot, and did not make a tight fit, or a slight gap. Both card slots support 4G and support up to 128GB of expansion.

The top of the frame is a 3.5mm headphone opening, and the bottom is a symmetrical design, but only the right side is the speaker, and the left is to hide the microphone inside. The middle is the Micro USB interface. It is reasonable to use a Type-C without such a cheap mobile phone. The edges of these holes are relatively "sharp", and the fingers will slide over them and they will feel shaved. It should be the reason why they have not been polished.

This time I got a blue version of Charm Blue 3, with a polished back instead of a matte finish like the gray version. This also makes it easy to contaminate fingerprints, and the surface is also more likely to scratch after a period of use. The 13 million main camera plus dual color temperature flash allows it to have a higher level of security in the camera's hardware. No raised camera deserves a good review.

Charm Blue 3 is well-deserved in the hundred-yuan machine or even the thousand-dollar camp. Excellent workmanship creates excellent feel. The smaller body size allows users to experience the thrill of one-handed operation. However, the blue version of the back shell is relatively easy to leave traces of use, obsessive-compulsive disorder, please choose carefully.

Charm Blue 3 is equipped with a 5-inch 720P IPS screen, the screen pixel density of 294 PPI, the surface of the glass using the German SCHOTT products, out of consideration for the cost of charm blue 3 using the GFF all posted and technology is also reasonable middle.

Some 720P screens may say that the display is not delicate enough. Indeed, it is not as good as 1080P, which is less than 2K. However, the price is so cheap that manufacturers and users do not have too many choices, as to how the actual performance, the following look at the contrast between it and oppo R9.

The R9's brightness is higher, it looks more transparent and the characters are more ruddy and more vibrant. By contrast, I like the display effect of R9 more, but in the case of no contrast in daily use, besides the 720P display is not fine enough, the color performance is still acceptable. In order to meet the different needs of different users, the system has a built-in color temperature adjustment function that enables stepless adjustment of the screen color temperature.

However, during this period of use, I often encounter such a situation. It was originally a finger swiping the screen up and down to swipe Weibo, and suddenly became a click, so I entered a Weibo or clicked on a certain page. image. Such misoperation occurs from time to time, and it is hoped that the system can be updated later.

Charm Blue 3 uses the MediaTek MT6750 eight-core processor and the GPU is the Mali-T860 MP2. The SoC is made in 28nm and consists of four A53 cores clocked at 1.5GHz and four A53 clocked at 1.0GHz. My machine's RAM is 2GB LPDDR3 and ROM is 16GB.

In the daily use of this phone's configuration is still sufficient, the background of the resident social applications such as QQ, WeChat, Weibo, there is no problem in switching between them, of course, you also open a few common news software and the like It does not matter. However, when you have too many daemons, you can switch back to the previous program and you will need to reload it.

In order to test the performance limit of this model, I chose to test the current popular 2K16, and the actual test results are also in my expectations. Caton, dropped frames, the game experience is very bad, but also understand, and I used to be similar to the 360 ​​F4. When playing Freedom Wars, the overall experience is still good, but there will be a slight dropped frame when the team fights, the entire game process can basically maintain about 27 frames. I think that Charm Blue 3 is used to play some casual games, or there are no problems with some online games that require less configuration, and they can't do anything about large-scale 3D games.

The Charm Blue 3 has a built-in 2870mAh battery. After using it for a while, I tested it for 5 hours. The duration of each test is half an hour. The volume is 50% of the maximum volume. Among them, the song and the call are in the state of blank screen. The whole screen of the test process is 4 hours. After the test was completed, the remaining power was 51%. It ranked among the top phones I had tested. It should be completely okay to use this day's results.

Using its standard 5V 1.5A charger for charging, it takes about 138 minutes to complete the 0-100% charging process when it is turned on. The time is relatively long. However, the hundred yuan machine does not join the fast charge function can still understand, but you must remember to charge at night when using, otherwise the use of fragmentation time charging efficiency is really not high.

Charm Blue 3 is equipped with a deep customization of Flyme 5.1.4 based on YunOS 3.1.6. In these days, there is no common software incompatibility, and I did not even notice that it is not based on Android. If you think about this issue before you buy it, don't worry, perfect compatibility from big games to social software is the feature of YunOS.

Flyme is made earlier in domestic custom ROM, and it has been considered to be very mature today. The flat icon style and rich color matching make it attractive to people at a glance.

After a long period of development, natural resources are more easily handled. Its music resources come from shrimp music. Video resources come from Youku potatoes. All of them are of the Ali family. The richness of natural resources is beyond doubt.

In fact, the integration of resources is not only reflected in music and video. Flyme unites more than 450 information media and creates a rich reading library for users. At the same time, the yellow page function is added to the dialing interface, which allows users to easily complete operations such as querying express flights, booking air tickets, and booking hotels. The simplest way is to meet the needs of the most users.

Logging in to the Flyme account will ensure that your data and mobile phone security are protected. In the settings, users can choose the option to perform cloud backup. Through the registered Flyme account, they can also locate the mobile phone after the phone is lost. At the same time, you can also enable the cloud album function in the gallery, select the desired album to back up, even if you format the phone, good memories will not be lost.

For a friend who likes to beautify the phone, it is very convenient to perform various beautification operations directly in the “Theme Landscaping” App, whether you want to change the theme globally or just replace a certain part of the theme. This way can meet the needs of users to a greater extent. After all, each person's needs are different. It is undoubtedly the wisest decision to allow users to customize their own preferences.

Thanks to the elimination of the return key and the multi-tasking key, Flyme integrates the return function on the home key, which is known as mBack today. At the same time, multi-tasking switching is achieved by sliding from the bottom of the screen. The multi-tasking interface adopts a popular card type design, and long pressing the card can achieve lock/unlock operation. This kind of operational logic may increase the cost of learning, but once the habit of use is established, it will not go back.

Flyme's split-screen operation is very simple. In the multi-tasking interface, the split-screen application will display the word "split screen" in the upper right corner. Clicking this allows the application to enter the split screen mode. The system will display all applications that can be split screen in all installed applications. Users can select according to their own needs. In the vertical screen state, the screen ratio can be adjusted by itself, and the horizontal screen state can only be 1:1.

Flyme is not only nice and easy to use, it can be seen through some of its built-in apps. In the SMS message, some verification codes or notification messages are integrated into a card type, which is more intuitive and convenient. The animation in the weather is very beautiful. At the same time, the interface is very tidy and shows the weather information. There is more information about sliding upwards.

In these days of experience, Flyme left me a very good impression. The small details of animation and color matching give me a very comfortable experience. At the same time, it brings users a complete experience. It can greatly increase user stickiness by relying on this complete chain of experience. I think this is what each custom ROM needs to do. To the

Charm Blue 3 rear camera with 13 million pixels, the maximum aperture is f/2.2, and supports PDAF phase focus, in addition to the first time when the first cold start the camera is a little slow, the other focus speed is faster . It has a front camera of 5 million, a maximum aperture of f/2.0, and supports smart beauty, and a larger aperture ensures image quality in dark environments.

The function of the built-in camera is quite rich, support for the separation of focusing and metering, support for real-time filters, there are multiple modes to choose from, and the playability is quite high. Among them, the "light field" mode can take pictures before focusing, but the shooting process requires a certain amount of time, and it is still quite an interesting feature.

However, I believe everyone in the usual use of the process, the most used or automatic mode, then through some of the proofs of the automatic mode to see the charm blue 3 camera performance.

Charm Blue 3's photo performance during the day is not very good, and white balance rarely drifts. However, the photos taken on the phone look low in saturation and contrast. When there are a lot of sky parts on the screen, there is a tendency of over-explosion. The details of the junction between the sky and the buildings are more serious, compared to 360 N4. The performance is even better. The aperture of f/2.2 is not very large, but it still has a good performance in the macro, and the edges of the petals are also sharp enough.

After watching the performance of Charm Blue 3 under the conditions of sufficient sunshine during the day, let's take a look at its performance in the night scene.

From the perspective of the actual proofs, the noise in the extreme low-light environment is still relatively high, and there is no "night scene mode" to control the noise in the camera mode. If you want to get a higher screen purity you can only choose manual mode for long exposures, it supports the longest exposure time is 10s. At the same time, it is not ideal for the control of strong light sources. It can be seen by comparing with N4.

In general, the Charm Blue 3's camera performance is not very good, but the playability is still very high, whether it is the light field mode or GIF mode. At the same time, the operating logic of the entire camera App is very simple, basically can easily get started, comes with the real-time filter function also allows users to easily create.

During the period of use of Charm Blue 3, I always felt it was very beautiful, and at the same time feel very good, but the smooth back is still more likely to be contaminated with fingerprints and scratched. The excellent endurance performance can make it meet my daily needs, but it is a little regrettable that there is no quick charge. Looking at the price of the entire 599 yuan, I think this phone is still very worthwhile, but the premise is that you have to be able to buy the original price. So, at the end of the day, I hope everyone who wants to buy Charm Blue 3 can successfully snap up, because its outstanding workmanship and elegant temperament are worthy of you.

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