The Mango TV version broadcasts the "Aspire to Life", and Huang Lei and He Wei become villagers.

Today's variety shows can be described as an endless stream. The traditional simple variety show has become a bit rotten. Therefore, a variety of sentiments and connotations have arisen. Everyone calls this kind of variety as a "comprehensive arts cleansing," and we must give it to everyone today. One of the branches introduced is the "Aspired Life" of He Yong and Huang Lei.

In this book of the Arts, the program team rented a residential courtyard in the outskirts of Beijing and planted crops such as corn, beans, and peppers on the surrounding land. After the three resident guests arrived at the place of residence, they needed to go to the fields to pick up crops. Set up a stove and use the only traditional household items in the dwelling house to live a life of self-sufficiency. If they want to improve their meals, they must complete special tasks arranged by the program group in exchange for high-quality ingredients. In addition, guests from time to time come to visit the country.

With the rapid development of urbanization in China, the urban population has increased by an average of 20.96 million people each year for ten years. However, pressure and impetuosity are the terms that come with it. Nearly 40.4% of them hope to stay away from the embarrassment and avoid crowding. They are eager to move from the city to the countryside and yearn for the natural air and look for inner voices. And it is this report that directly inspired the idea that the "Life Expected" program group wanted to produce a program that was entirely related to life.

Although the program has been mixed with a lot of discordant tones since it was aired, it does not stop the super high popularity of this variety show. The guest who is invited to the show is also the kind of grounding gas, such as the women's volleyball team, Hai Qing, and Wang Zhonglei. , Song Dandan, etc., there are few types of small fresh meat, but also makes the whole show more stable.

“Longing for life” Hunan Satellite TV warms up at 22:00 every Sunday evening. Friends using smart TV/TV boxes reply to this article. Xiao Bian tells you the easiest way to watch.
Users of smart TV/TV boxes can install “Mango TV version” through the sofa butler client. The exclusive content of “Aspire to Life” is not to be missed.
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You can also download the "Mango TV" installation package directly. It is also simple to see "Life Aspire."
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"Aspire to life" video play screenshot

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