Non-intelligence is also a selling point — LG 49LF5400-CA IPS LCD TV experience

The LG 49LF5400-CA, which was originally on the shelves in Jingdong, suddenly appeared on the shelves and was cleared for sale. As a 15-year LG joint venture TV, the people who bought it were still quite a few. Non-intelligence is also a clear flow in this era!

In fact, this TV I have been using for more than a year, because recently there is a case of price cuts to promote clearance, I intend to write a review for everyone's reference, but has been too lazy to write, so late. But National Day is idle and boring, just write it.

In the second half of 14 years, non-smart TVs were also difficult to find, and both Internet companies and established vendors were engaged in smart TVs. The result is that there are few non-smart TVs on the market, and many voices on the Internet are shouting that non-smart + TV boxes are the most appropriate match. However, everyone is taking a smart TV route. But we can't blame the veteran manufacturers. Because Internet companies have come to engage in smart TVs, low-cost collocations have attracted many unclear people who bought them in the past. If you don't go smart TV, you will lose a lot of market. However, due to the lack of smart device experience and some rogue thinking, the cost, hardware slag, advertisement, and system card are common problems for established manufacturers. Later, after the manufacturers launched the Internet brand, these conditions improved slightly.

At the end of 14 years, LG launched non-smart TVs as a clear stream in smart TVs all over the world, but this clear flow is not clear. LG has two non-smart TVs, one is 43 inches and one is 49 inches. This is two joint venture entry-level television, the first screen is not LG's own, followed by the response speed of 32ms so many people hesitate. The starting price of 3499, compared to some domestic publicity all kinds of LG original IPS screen smart entry-level television, expensive out of four or five hundred. The price is not high, the only thing that can be considered is the brand effect and after-sales of LG.

Having said so much, I bought 3199 at the beginning of the 15th year. Why is it so cost-effective to buy it? Because I didn't think it was smart, I didn't have no choice.


It took more than a year, and when it wasn't opened, it took a frontal shot and looked like a mirror. The room was a bit messy, don't care.

Faith LOGO, as long as the situation of standby power, this light will not be extinguished, only pull the plug and turn off the lights will turn off the TV, be regarded as one of the design flaws.

The pedestal, although it looks a bit imaginary, has remained stable for so long.

Workmanship ah! Although it is an entry level, it is not cheap! These gaps are excessive!

There are a few interfaces, and the HDMI interface is barely enough to use. If you later buy a game console, you're in trouble.

Side of a USB2.0 interface and an HDMI1.4 interface, SVC dedicated interface looks like a manufacturer debugging, can not use anyway.

Back HDMI 1.4, component input, fiber output, antenna input. The more unexpected is equipped with fiber output.

The remote controller on the left is a TV remote controller. The design is no different from an ordinary non-smart TV. White is the telecommunication IPTV remote control. The black box is the telecommunication IPTV box. It is also a non-intelligent box. In fact, I hope the box is smart.

The width of the left and right borders is 1cm, and the width of the black border is 3mm. The upper border is 0.95cm and the black border is 3.5mm. Overall it's okay, there isn’t much to feel when the black edge isn’t close.

Screen evaluation

As a non-smart TV, not much to evaluate, we all say that buying a screen is to buy a screen, so the main evaluation screen.


The first is the light leakage that many people love to see.

The upper two corners have serious light leakage, and the lower left corner is fine. However, this was the first time I bought it back this time. It was the first time that the TV was leaked. The article needed to be tested smoothly. In fact, personally speaking, the light leakage inspection in this pure black screen case has no meaning. After all, the appearance of pure black screen is very rare. At least I spent a year and did not find any effect of light leakage. Therefore, in view of this kind of light leakage, I think many people are a bit overly fearful. In fact, it is really not necessary. High-end IPS suffers from light leakage, but there is no problem with daily viewing.

Viewing angle

The viewing angle IPS advantage, 178 degrees is no pressure, but the 178 degree camera is a little troublesome, so it will not be filmed.


This is not a good description of professional equipment, so use LG's 24MP55VQ display to compare. The first to give a main viewing method, and the same general view, the same picture, the TV's color is indeed more vivid (I do not know if it is the A card, manual slanting). However, because the monitor is only an entry-level, color reproduction is also a bit problematic, from the pure white screen, the display shows some yellow. Take a look at the camera, since it is a screen contrast, then the phone screen can also be compared together. I took out my glory 7 and put it together. Check the next data, glory 7 equipped with a 5.2-inch JDI negative LCD screen, color saturation up to 85%. The color performance of this screen should not be worse than TV and monitor.








Actually, when I was filming, I stared at the screen for a while. The difference in the color of the screen with the naked eye was very small. When I looked at it with the naked eye, I did not see the inside of the photo. The white part of the TV was in the middle. I looked closely and saw it for a long time. Dazzled flowers don't seem to be much different under pure color. Maybe it's an entry-level screen. Color does not understand how to describe, we take a look at the comparison of photos under their own judgment.


Contrast (dark), the bottom line has not seen the dividing line between the blocks, the monitor can see all of them.

Contrast (bright), the split line between the five grids at the upper left cannot be seen, and the monitor can see all at a glance.

Desktop and game effects

This is not much to say, you look like it.


Everyone saw that 32ms response speed was afraid of this issue. In fact, I spent more than a year watching the Olympics, playing games, and really did not pay attention to the issue of dragging, but after all, now on the market Most TVs are 6ms-12ms, so there is concern that it is normal, but the TV refresh rate is mostly 60Hz. If you play the game, then the smear still exists, but the obvious problem is not clear. After all, the 144Hz slow display also has a smear problem. Not much to say, let everyone in the map take a look at the problem of smearing.

Test scenario: GTA5 field, normal game rotation speed, smear reference: trees, telephone poles.

The smear of the normal speed of the motion picture is mainly due to the photographic equipment leading to a more obvious smear, only for reference, not as a conclusion under the naked eye.

Considering that slow motion is a screen with smearing, first put a slow display of the display 10 times out for everyone to see the problem of smearing.

LG 49LF5400-CA

Normal speed

Slow 10x


Because the speaker did not give power, the speaker can only briefly say that the volume is a pass for a TV. The TV comes with a dazzling vocal, and the sound is clear after opening. Sound quality, listen to a ring. After all the horn.

There are also value-friends who have previously discovered the arpeggio problem mentioned in the channel, which means that when the TV program of the TV set-top box is transmitted via the AV cable, it will switch to HDMI. In the HDMI mode, there will be the sound of the TV set-top box TV program. This really does, but! If the HDMI sound channel is occupied by the device at this time, this arpeggio condition will disappear! If I switch to HDMI mode, at this time my computer has not booted, there is sound in AV mode, but after the computer is booted into the system, after the computer takes up the audio channel of HDMI, the voice will disappear. The meaning of this occupancy is not to say that the computer sings the voice to disappear, but after the computer is turned on and enters the system, even if the system is muted, no arpeggio will occur. So this voice can be ignored.


Buy an electronic product and say that no more parameters play a big role. The most important thing is to experience it! As a user of one year, this TV is indeed very easy to use. Compared to the TV which is now turned on for 15 seconds, the 3 second boot experience is even more valuable. When you have a TV show to open IPTV to see, sometimes playing games to see a movie when you want to use a large screen directly with the TV visual effect is not bad, in fact, smearing problem I was more concerned about the beginning, and later playing GTA5 driving madness did not find the naked eye There is a problem with the trailing shadows, and we are relieved. Overall it is good!

Take a photo of watching television

to sum up

Advantages: Non-smart TV, traditional TV, no need to worry about hardware performance can not keep up with the development speed of APP

Disadvantages: In addition to LG's LOGO beliefs and settings, other hardware is basically not LG's stuff. Although the overall will not be loose, but the work is still a bit worse. The interface is less, more than one HDMI interface and 3.5mm audio output interface, then the whole is still acceptable, one more 3.5mm interface at least on a computer 2.1 speakers.

At the last inspection, I discovered a small thing that prevented everyone from asking in the comments. Let me talk about what it is.

This is a 2.4 inch digital photo frame made with the LiteXx 206 chip. It was some time ago that there was a buddy tutorial in the card bar. After the flashing machine, the AIDA64 data can be read through the USB Cable to realize real-time monitoring of the computer hardware. Because the digital photo frame of the ax206 chip has long been discontinued for several years, most of Taobao’s inventory was wiped out some time ago. I saw a few days ago that Taobao’s business had increased the price from 25 yuan to 60 yuan. Buying information left. So, you don't ask where you have to buy this electronic photo frame.

In fact, then I also want to write an original to Zhang Aunt here, but because of the arrival of three, one of which can not be brushed, the seller said there is a chance that the brush, only to ensure that the frame can be sold when used, brush the buyer Fight your own RP. Taking into account the fight RP this point I do not write, so as not to pit some of the value of friends, after all, some things thankless.

Last hardware usage when the last one just exited GTA5.

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