Can't afford LG, Sony? Domestically produced can satisfy you

In the blink of an eye, 17 years have already arrived. This year's Spring Festival is particularly early. During this time of year, various households will inevitably purchase some new products and replace a few new furniture appliances. Then why wouldn’t you want to replace a good TV and watch the show with your family before the new TV?

Today, we recommend several good TVs that are suitable for the living room and bedroom respectively. Let you not make trouble when you choose TV.

First of all, take a look at the TV in the living room. Since it is placed in the facade of the family room, it must be beautiful enough.

The first recommended product is LG's OLED65C6P. This TV is really a good TV. The appearance of the slim body to achieve the ultimate, streamline the internal components of the screen to achieve a simple but not simple OLED module structure, coupled with innovative design curved screen, greatly improving the appearance of the TV, breaking the traditional TV form. 65c6P is indeed amazing to you. Placed in the living room, absolutely make the whole house have been upgraded a grade.

On the picture quality, does LG's screen worry about it? HDR high dynamic range image technology guarantees a richer picture color, clear reproduction of light and dark details, and presents images close to the human eye. HDR Dolby Vision combines brighter and clearer images. Images and more accurate color performance give you immersive feelings. Light quality is not good, Harman Kardon sound, shocking sound is an integral part of the real luxury TV. High-precision sound quality will further enhance your viewing experience, as if you were on site.

Well, the 65C6P is so good, but the individual is not very recommended. Why? Because it is expensive. The price of this TV on the Internet is about 35,000. Ordinary family does not recommend spending so much money to buy a TV. Of course, local tyrants should ignore this.

That is not local tyrants. What TV do we have? Cool open 55/65A2 will be the best choice.

The bracket of the 65A2 TV uses the support legs of both sides of the Eiffel Tower, combined with silver metal material to enhance the texture and gloss. Visual aesthetics and sense of technology have all been improved. The thin side of the back and the back of the delicate thin back panel are sturdy, while the silver and white are elegant. Everywhere reveals the concept of understated luxury.

Configuration, A2 series have adopted the latest chip of Mstar6A938. The difference is that the CoolOpen 65A2 has been upgraded to 3GB of 16GB flash memory. But 55A2 is still 2GB+8GB configuration. Image quality, A2 uses a LG IPS 4K hard screen. Support HDR high dynamic range, let the picture look rich and natural. MEMC dynamic anti-shake technology effectively solves the problem of jitter and smear.

In terms of sound quality, the A2 boasts a new sound bar technology for superior sound quality. The 55A2 series adopts a combined structure of a TV and an independent Sound Bar. The 65A2 has redesigned the structure of the independent Sound Bar on the original basis, replacing the original double bass radiators with four bass radiators, and increasing the volume of the acoustic cavity. Shows more bass.

However, the difference between A2 and LG is that the price of A2 is a few thousand yuan for the people, which makes A2 a better choice for most people.

The TV in the bedroom, a better one is cool open 43K2 high-definition content TV, as the TV used in the bedroom, small and exquisite is the key. Rose gold color 43K2 uses ultra-narrow design, high light steam mold injection molding, the surface smooth and smooth, can make the bedroom look warm and delicate. In addition, the television in the bedroom is more used for relaxation before going to bed, and the contents are naturally enriched. 43K2 boasts cool open content resources, movies, TV dramas, variety shows, anime, large-scale coverage of massive content; HBO, national geographic documentary, Sports events, endless stream of quality content.

After reading these recommendations, has the choice of new products been understood? Go and choose your favorite product!

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