Ocean Blue Software and Rovi join forces for TV networking

Ocean Blue Software, Rovi join forces with TV networking solutions

Ocean Blue Software, a specialist in digital TV software, announced that it has partnered with Rovi (formerly known as Macrovision) to integrate Rovi ’s Connected Platform software for Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) functions into Ocean Blue Software ’s Sunrise digital video broadcasting DVB) in the stack.

Ocean Blue Software's Sunrise DVB software provides all the necessary components to allow digital TV and set-top box manufacturers to quickly and easily build satellite, cable, and terrestrial DVB functions in their equipment. The technologies of the Ocean Blue Software and Rovi companies are combined to provide consumer electronics manufacturers with a solution that is easier to develop DVB TV, allowing products to use and access digital content through DLNA-compatible network equipment.

By integrating Rovi ’s Connected Platform with DLNA technology components, consumer electronics manufacturers can provide consumers with the ability to easily manage their digital media content stored in different devices at home, including the ability to retrieve videos and photos stored on remote servers Share content with sound files and play them on TV; watch movie clips and perform operations such as pause, rewind, and advance; and media files can be classified and rated according to user preferences.

This software solution is independent of the hardware and operating system, ensuring that manufacturers can adjust and quickly build it for use in any TV-centric chipset.

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