Yiguang LED Lighting Appears at "Taipei Building Materials Exhibition"

With the product line advantage of complete and multi-application, visitors can experience the most comprehensive LED lighting application!

Yiguang has built its own brand of “Yiguang LED Lighting”. With 30 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality LED packaging, backed by strong R&D and marketing team, it has won the support and trust of many customer groups. It has launched a number of exquisite lamps and offers a complete range of lighting fixtures, including commercial lighting, office lighting, home lighting, industrial lighting and landscape lighting applications, and presents a complete and multi-application product line of “Yiguang LED Lighting”. Advantages, can provide customers with professional all-round solutions, giving the most complete service.

Everlight new starlight ceiling light series (5W/10W), luminous angle of 20° and 40°20゚ and 40゚, high luminous efficiency, long life and complete color temperature (3000K, 4000K, 5700K), with special same lamps Module, but six different face rings for customers to choose, users can replace them according to personal preferences, showing different lighting angles. The new AR111 features precise optical design and special high-efficiency thermal design, combined with high color rendering (CRI>90), good concentrating power, power saving, long service life, light source without infrared and ultraviolet light, long-term exposure to heat, and Can be combined with a variety of shells and other advantages, showing a difference in light source different from the traditional AR111. The 6-inch smart Xenon lamp uses Yiguang's original dual-color temperature COB series components. It has three independent control loops, which can be adjusted without segment color temperature. It has convenient control and uniform color mixing. It is very suitable for situational light distribution, such as exhibition halls and supermarkets. Spacious spaces such as department stores create a changing atmosphere.

In office lighting applications, Yiguang's T8 lamp series is 100-240VAC (9W, 18W) with full voltage and 100lm/W. It uses high-strength Polycarbonate material, high rigidity, impact resistance and non-breaking. Crack, so the product has high life, high reliability and can provide 3000K and 6500K color temperature selection, easy to install, directly installed on the lamp holder or light steel frame, you can enjoy the LED green energy-saving lighting technology. In addition, the hanging panel light series has the advantages of simple shape and convenient installation, good color and light uniformity, energy saving and light efficiency up to 100lm/W, which can directly replace the traditional light steel frame lamps, which is another choice for comfortable light source. .

In the home lighting section, Yiguang also exhibited a full range of wide-angle LED bulbs, all of which have been certified by the national BSMI to provide uniform light color and stable products, and comply with IEC62471 international certification, no blue light hazard, no ultraviolet radiation, etc. .

Yiguang LED Lighting also offers a range of landscape lighting products, taking into account the use of functional and visual aesthetics, including landscape low light, mainly in two different designs: a shell using die-casting, a simpler appearance, full-circumferential lighting, aluminum alloy Material, surface color sandblasting, lampshade is made of PC material with high efficiency optical reflector; the other is direct use of glass lampshade and aluminum casing, no die-casting design, using Yiguang LED lighting replacement LED light source products, convenient installation, extensive Used for lighting such as landscapes, sidewalks, etc. In addition, the guide light series has a special lampshade shape, simple and stylish appearance, suitable for outdoor ladder and lane wall guiding light source. This time, we also exhibited a tree light that is often used in the courtyard landscape. The reinforced glass lampshade is used for both the ground insertion and the grounding, and has an anti-glare design and a 270-degree rotating illumination direction.

In industrial lighting, Yiguang's new SL-Aton floodlight series (55W) adopts IP65 and adopts lightweight design. The overall net weight of the lamp is only 1.8kg, and the high output lumen can reach 4400lm and 5500lm output at 3000K and 5000K color temperature. It is suitable for industrial applications with high requirements for light efficiency and high-altitude billboard applications for light and light projection. Yiguang SL-Aton products use EVERLIGHT standardized optical engine, which is the standard light source for Yiguang outdoor lighting, which can be used in applications such as road lighting, tunnel lighting, factory lighting and other high light output. Therefore, in addition to enjoying high-quality energy-saving lighting, there is no follow-up upgrade and maintenance.

Yiguang LED Lighting expects to provide the highest quality and high quality service to customers with its complete and multi-application product line and the creation of the first Chinese brand. All architecture, interior design and related experts are welcome to visit the booth of Yiguang.

Everlight LED Lighting invites you to visit us:

2014 Taipei International Building Materials Exhibition Booth: B410

Date: December 11-14, 2014 (10:00 to 18:00)

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Yiguang Solid-State Lighting Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of LED Lighting, a global LED leader, which is dedicated to LED lighting. It is committed to the development, production and sales of LED lighting products, providing customers with first-class cost-effective and perfect quality LEDs. Series lighting products. Everlight solid-state lighting full range of LED lighting products include: road lighting, industrial lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, household lighting, replacement lighting, plant lighting, special lighting, etc. Adhering to the philosophy of “excellence, innovation, integrity, quality, and execution”, we are the first priority to meet customer needs. Yiguang LED Lighting is committed to promoting "environmental protection, energy saving, health" LED lighting products. There is LED in the place where there is illumination; LED lighting is Yiguang! (This article is contributed by Yiguang)

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