LED no stroboscopic technology analysis: BFC circuit without PFC

Regarding the research on stroboscopic, it is the most intuitive from the power level. In fact, it is about the "frequency" problem. UHF human eyes and CCD probes will not have any feeling. Low-frequency human eyes and CCD probes will have intuitive Feel. The strobo-free method is either to do ultra-high frequency DC output or to actually remove or reduce the ripple content in the DC.

In the "no flash passive PFC technology of LED (valley fill circuit)" and "no flash LED technology of two circuits," we introduced the importance of the power factor and how to achieve power factor compensation. It is clear that the power factor does not affect the power consumption of the power supply. The power factor is increased more to reduce the voltage used by the power supply to the public power grid.

With the explosive growth of the LED residential lighting market, the cost of the heat sink components and light sources in the LED lighting materials has dropped significantly, and the cost pressure of the LED driving power supply is particularly prominent.

In order to reduce the overall cost and reduce the size, most of the LED residential lighting field uses a non-isolated built-in MOS PFC-free BUCK circuit (non-isolated SM7302, DU8618).

Figure: SM7302

Picture: DU8618

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