Low-voltage electrical industry forms a complete industrial system

Low-voltage electrical industry forms a complete industrial system

With the changes in the power industry and the distribution industry and the high-speed expansion of the power industry, the low-voltage electrical industry is facing both challenges and opportunities. Among them, during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the total investment of the State Grid in smart grid power grid construction and intelligence is 1.5 trillion yuan, or about 300 billion yuan per year, which undoubtedly guarantees the steady growth of low-voltage electrical appliances, while the urban population The rapid growth will also stimulate the growth of power generation and electricity consumption. The future market development space for low-voltage electrical appliances will continue to grow; by 2015, strategic emerging industries will form the basic pattern of healthy development and coordinated advancement, and promote the upgrading of industrial structure. The role has been enhanced, and the value-added ratio of GDP to GDP has reached around 8%. By 2020, the value-added ratio of strategic emerging industries to GDP will reach about 15%.

The development of these industries has brought huge room for development in low-voltage electrical appliances, especially the mid- to high-end products. However, while the low-voltage electrical appliance market is developing well, various problems in the market are undoubtedly revealed.

Product repeat production

After 50 years of development in China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry, the low-voltage electrical appliance industry has evolved from simple assembly and imitative manufacturing to self-developed design. At present, a complete industrial system has been formed. Its products have a wide range of applications and huge market potential.

The scale of private enterprises initially engaged in low-voltage electrical appliances is very small. Due to blind projects and stalls, the phenomenon of regional industry convergence is serious, low economic efficiency, low-level redundant construction, resulting in product backlog, energy, material waste, low economic efficiency The adverse consequences.

According to statistics, domestically produced low-voltage electrical products have about 1000 series, and the output value has reached 20 billion yuan. There are more than 2,000 production enterprises above the scale, mainly concentrated in coastal provinces such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Shanghai. At present, low-voltage electrical products are in the first-to-third-generation level. The fourth-generation products are still under development and research; and domestic low-voltage electrical manufacturing companies are small in scale and over-sized, and over 90% are in the middle and low gear. Repeated production of secondary products, market products "co-exist for three generations." According to the calculation of output value, the market share of the first generation product is 15%, the market share of the second generation product is 45%, and the market share of the third generation product is 40%.

The technology and production level of China's low-voltage electrical industry is relatively weak. Resources in all aspects are relatively dispersed and are still in the stage of repeated R&D and mutual imitating in the low-end and middle-end industries. In addition, the strong "invasion" of foreign large-scale electric enterprises, the original low-end market of domestic enterprises has been eroded and the industry competition has become increasingly fierce. As the price war and channel warfare intensified, the general environment of the low-voltage electrical appliances industry in the “male-fighting war” gradually deteriorated.

“There are numerous manufacturing enterprises in the low-voltage electrical appliance industry, and counterfeiting and price competition still exist, making general low-voltage electrical products in a state of low profit. The profits of products such as DW45 universal circuit breakers that have previously played a major role in the development of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry have also decreased significantly.” A company manager who wishes to disclose his name revealed to reporters the cruel reality. “Currently, the electrical appliance companies do not attach importance to the development of matching parts of the products, and the electrical companies are relatively backward in implementing the IC international standards. All of them are the criticisms of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry.” The reporter asked the heads of many companies and obtained the answers. That's all true.

In fact, the technology and production level of China's low-voltage electrical industry is relatively weak. Most of the enterprises are small in scale, and resources in all aspects are relatively dispersed. They are still in the stage of repeated research and development and mutual imitating in the low-end and middle-end industries. Objectively, according to the trend of market research on national policies, in the coming period, the structure of low-voltage electrical products needs further adjustment, and products with backward technology, high energy consumption, and environmental pollution will be eliminated. In this transitional process, the competitive situation has become more intense.

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