Giant array vehicle system accelerates vehicle intelligence

The importance of the car operating system as the hub of the car is self-evident. At present, the dominant position in the automotive software system market is the QNX operating system and several Linux-based operating system platforms (including Android). Although the voice of Linux-derived systems in the industry is very high, in reality, from commercial systems, QNX is The only operating system that is able to lead in the industry.

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The QNX system is a commercial Unix-like real-time operating system that complies with the POSIX specification. QNX has entered the Chinese market since 2000. As a practitioner with many years of experience in the embedded field, QNX has dominated the automotive electronics market. It is reported that the system uses more than all other platforms, widely used in telecommunications, infotainment, hands-free and digital instrumentation systems. QNX also has the most widely recognized ecosystem in the industry, accounting for the most typical and mature in the world. More than 70% of the pre-installed market share in the European and North American markets.

Although the former QNX overlord dominated the market, the wave of automotive intelligence is unstoppable, attracting the two giants of Apple and Google to join this intelligent transformation.

CarPlay and Android Auto have joined the system camp

In March of this year, Apple officially released CarPlay, an in-car iOS system. Apple said the system will make cars safer, smarter and more stable. CarPlay integrates the communication and entertainment functions of mobile phones and automobiles, and is another new field that Apple entered after mobile phones and computers. According to Apple's introduction, after connecting the iPhone to the iPhone, users can access contacts, emails, notifications, map navigation, and music playback on the phone through the CarPlay system. By connecting the car to the iPhone and then using the Siri button on the steering wheel, the phone can be realized. The connection of functions such as maps, music or viewing information, the system can also implement Siri-based voice control to ensure driver-free operation and safe driving.

After the iPhone is connected to a CarPlay-integrated car, users can use Siri to easily read contact information, make phone calls, call back, and even listen to voice messages. If new information or new notifications are received, Siri can also reply to the information by reading the information or letting the driver use voice commands to dictate, or call the other party to ensure that the driver's line of sight always focuses on the front of the car.

Moreover, CarPlay can also provide drivers with a more natural Apple map experience. The service predicts the user's destination based on the user's recent phone records, emails, and text messages, and provides road information, time of arrival forecasts, and route selection. Of course, users can also ask Siri to provide voice navigation for themselves with the Apple Maps service, and the navigation information will appear on the vehicle's car display screen.

In terms of multimedia, CarPlay can control music, podcasts (video sharing) and audio books through car control, and support some third-party music programs, which can listen to favorite radio services or sports broadcasts while driving.

It is understood that Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo and other car brands have announced that they have decided to cooperate with Apple, will launch CarPlay-related models, and more car manufacturers will follow suit. Almost at the first time Apple launched "CarPlay", Li Shufu's Volvo also released news, announced that it will be the first to carry Apple CarPlay. The first Volvo model with this system will be the new XC90, which will be launched worldwide in the second half of 2014.

The first batch of cooperative manufacturers has 16 companies. Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo have launched models equipped with CarPlay system, while BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover, Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Citroen, Subaru, Suzuki And Toyota's CarPlay model will be launched later. GM also said that it has embedded the siri function in some of its models. As a US company, GM will definitely cooperate with Apple.

Market research firm ABI Research believes that due to the popularity of the iPhone, at least 24 million vehicles are expected to support CarPlay in the next five years. Apple's products have always appealed to consumers, and automakers will cater to consumers' preferences, so CarPlay is also expected to succeed.

Following the Carplay in-vehicle system released by Apple, Google also announced the launch of the Android car system Android Auto at the end of June this year. The Android Auto function is similar to CarPlay and only supports Android devices. The two IT giants have formed a "double-headed game" pattern for the intelligent layout of automobiles.

The operating system has also won a lot of car manufacturers, from the official website of Google, it can be known that Android Auto will be applied to new car models launched by Audi, Chrysler, Ford, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Volvo, Mitsubishi and other car brands. Similarly, Android Auto also allows drivers to use the voice command to turn on the car's navigation function, play music, search for restaurants, etc., without having to look down on the car or the screen on the phone, it is expected to greatly enhance the driving Time security. In addition, in the future, various automakers will cooperate with Google to develop more innovative and eye-catching automotive apps to increase the added value of their products.

For the two giants to join the system war, QNX believes that the in-vehicle system has gradually become a piece of cake for the giants to peep, and the success of the above two companies in the field of mobile consumer electronics is bound to have an impact on the development of in-vehicle electronic systems, but different from consumer electronics. In addition, the in-vehicle system takes into account more sensor control and electronic control factors, and its complexity is much higher than mobile consumer electronics. At present, the actions of Apple and Google in the in-vehicle system are still limited to the projection level application, in order to obtain the corresponding parameters in the vehicle system, and the collection of the parameters of the car itself will greatly enrich the cloud data, making the car become manageable and intelligent. Terminals and facilitate further data mining and analysis, but also bring security implications. Today, with the rapid development of the automotive industry, security has become the most important consideration due to the use of a large amount of software. QNX has always been known for its high software security. QNX has also released QNX Automotive Safety Operating System 1.0, which has achieved the industry's highest level of safety in the ISO26262 ASIL D standard, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

"QNX is the world's first system software vendor to support Carplay and Google Auto. It follows the development of two standards and introduces a vehicle platform system that supports both standards. It provides OEMs with a multi-functional platform for multi-functional integration. It is also not possible with other system platforms.” When talking about whether QNX has already cooperated with the above two companies, Zhang Renjie, senior technical manager of QNX Software Systems, is right.

Improve car audio and video systems for a better user experience

With the advent of Android Auto and CarPlay, the market for smart car voice control systems and in-vehicle infotainment systems has followed suit, and the market has soared. Infotainment systems have not been highly valued, but they do give passengers the most intuitive experience and experience of the car. With the introduction of various technologies such as car navigation and voice interaction, the application of infotainment system has been re-explored and innovated. As the basis of the infotainment system, sound quality is the embodiment of the performance of the infotainment system.

For the audio test of infotainment system, there are already mature test standards to test a series of indicators such as power, distortion, sensitivity, crosstalk and frequency response of audio signals. However, a little understanding of the audio, you will know that these indicators can not fully correspond to our true feelings about the sound, especially in the car with a voice function such as Bluetooth call. Although everyone's feelings about hearing will be slightly different, but for the lack of digital audio decoding, data compression comfort, high, medium and frequency feelings, can be a subjective evaluation. At present, more and more digital compression technologies, such as Bluetooth calls and voice control, appear in the audio part of the car, and the comfort of the digital sound of the car system will be higher and higher.

Rohde & Schwarz said that the subjective evaluation of digital sound quality is not a completely new technology, and has been used for many years in the field of mobile communications. In the early stage, the tester compares the original signal and the test signal to determine the compression and decoding quality of the digital audio. Through the evaluation of a large number of testers, the effective score is used for statistical calculation to obtain the final score for a device. With the continuous improvement of the evaluation algorithm, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has published the PEAQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Audio Quality), PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) and the latest POLQA for the voice quality of Bluetooth and calls. The (Perceptual Objective Listening Quality) algorithm is evaluated.

The algorithm is based on psychoacoustic simulation. The psychoacoustic model converts the sound time domain signal into a frequency domain signal. The frequency domain signal is used to weight the frequency response of the outer ear and the middle ear to the sound, and then maps to the physiological sensing domain to simulate the base in the cochlea. The nerve stimulation of the membrane to different frequency components, by simulating the characteristic curve of the human ear perception, nonlinearity, pitch loss, masking effect and the like.


Taking PESQ as an example, the reference signal is input to the output signal generated by the system under test, and the level is adjusted to eliminate the difference in gain of different speech systems. After filtering and time alignment, the frequency signals are decomposed to perform auditory conversion, and the final recognition is passed. The model is processed to obtain the voice quality score of the device.

In automotive applications, the speaker and microphone layout in the car will affect the quality of voice transmission. Based on years of experience in wireless communications and audio and video testing, Rohde & Schwarz offers a complete test system that includes Bluetooth test-to-speech quality assessment for these needs.


The receiving test of the car Bluetooth, the R&S UPV generates the reference signal, inputs the Bluetooth device to be tested through the microphone, receives the data through the R&S CBT32 Bluetooth analyzer, and sends it as an output signal to the R&S UPV audio analyzer. The R&S UPV audio analyzer gives the device's sound quality score corresponding to the car Bluetooth playback test, which is the opposite process.


The automotive industry is a multi-technology integrated industry, and now is the process of rapid integration of audio technology, wireless communication technology and network technology. Adopting the latest subjective evaluation test method will bring a better user experience and greatly enhance the competitiveness of manufacturers.


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