VR difficult boutique game? We found the problem lies in this

Hot, whether it is Tokyo in Beijing or Shenzhen in California, because the Northern Hemisphere is in the midsummer, but VR is hotter than the weather, and China in this area has not lag behind the world - VR equipment is always lacking in large and small technology exhibitions, and certainly It is the longest stand in the stadium. The high degree of attention has attracted a large number of practitioners in other industries to join this wave of heat waves, and the game industry is the one with the highest VR relevance. Luculus Palmer, the founder of Oculus, once thought that the VR device is an enhanced version of the game console, which is enough to see how highly the game industry is related to VR technology.

Most of the practitioners currently engaged in the development of VR games are transitioned from 3D game development. Therefore, the development of VR games is also considered a continuation of the profession and is related to the industry. However, this does not mean that the road to VR game development will be smooth. I have also experienced several VR games and I can't help asking them after the game: “How different are the VR games and the games you’ve done before?” After listening, these developers’ s After the (ku) examination (chu), the author removed the boring part and extracted two points:

Game theme "single"

If you are a frequent visitor to VR Show, it is not difficult to find that in all the exhibition halls, the most experience is the First Person Shooting game, and all are zombie shooting games. Why is the theme of this game the most? They told the author:

The FPS game is best done because the VR first person has a stronger sense of substitution, and the FPS game can make full use of the immersive feeling brought by the VR device.

Experienced readers will also find that VR is simply the best platform for FPS games. First-person shooting and zombie pounce on the bloody picture is really immersive. However, after experiencing such a large number of games, you will find that the biggest problem with this type of game is that the fineness of the picture is not enough - in fact, there are certain problems in the fineness of many game screens. This is the prevalence of various games. The problem. Most of the game company's fine arts are produced by outsourcing teams, and most of the production time is only a few months.

This is because the FPS games are simple to make, the development cycle is short, and the sophistication of natural games is also greatly reduced. Even the top VR FPS games, such as China's HTC Vive winning “Black Shield”, are very high in the fineness of the game, but they are limited by the game theme, and the gameplay and mechanism are limited to some extent. It is a game that is presented in the form of VR, so there is a certain amount of learning cost. One sentence that applies to the Tiber River is:

The whole process is very unnatural, and people feel that it is not a game, but it is like labor.

(For more discussion on the theme of FPS game, see this article: VR practitioners, don't go astray, first-person VR games have no future )

"Because there is a certain difference between VR games and traditional 3D games, many games and designs of traditional games are not necessarily applicable to VR games." The founding of a VR company in Shanghai told immersive people that their team is full of World of Warcraft. Members of the game development, but the position moved to the VR game, there are still some discontent, such as the game's grasp of the role of the movement and the NPC skills range settings and so on. The problems set in these gameplay are all due to the following reasons:

Insufficient feedback from players

If we use the PS4 to play fighting games, we can see flesh splash effects on the screen, and the handle will vibrate to prompt the player: "You have been hit." This player can clearly know that they are in the game What kind of state? In VR games, although there are feedback and impact effects on the screen, given the lack of picture quality in most development teams and the lack of visual effects (such as light and shadow and physical visual impact), this part is actually unsatisfactory. The most important point is the lack of force feedback.

Take for example the most common VR FPS games: In the course of our game, if you are hit, many games have no picture feedback, or the feedback effect of the picture is too small, and it does not attract the attention of players - this leads to many players When you are in the game, you can't feel nervous, and you've often been killed by a "zombie" without any awareness. Especially in the absence of physical feedback, the immersion of visual effects alone is slightly insufficient.

Apart from the need to take a dim sum on the screen, this part also requires a powerful development engine to simulate the physical and the light. Another easy-to-notice area lies in the sound effects above - the sound design of the walking heart can also give the user an illusion, especially in the game of horror theme. And all this can be done in NVIDIA's VRWork development kit. However, this part of the sound effect may be for the offline experience hall or enthusiastic players - after all, no matter how good the sound is, the headphones that have encountered slag are also white.

The whole VR game industry is still being explored. There are a lot of immature places are also reasonable things to be able to participate in this industry, feel the development of the industry, and even become the industry standard setters, which is the most attractive place for the VR industry . Of course, one thing that developers need to pay attention to is: The content is not good, the hardware can be used, but if the hardware experience is too bad, no matter how good the content is, it will not be used.

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