Tian Hongchuan VS2005 video tutorial entry classic complete download online watch

The VS2005 series video course was prepared by Tian Hongchuan (pen name Tian Bing) with reference to many .net1.1 and carefully prepared based on the .net2.0 new book reference. As long as you carefully study the complete VS2005 course, don't say anything else, VS entry is absolutely no problem. I also hope that everyone can proceed step by step, step by step from simple, step by step, wish everyone to enter the world of .net2.0 as soon as possible!

This series of VS2005 is now divided into 9 sections, which are pre-prepared for VS2005 software, including software installation, VS working environment configuration, creation of project programs and basic functions, tools;

The second part will explain the basic syntax of VS course programming language C#, object creation and use, event-driven programming and loopback, class relationships and class events, VS2005 control introduction and related usage methods, database connection and reading methods,

XML format overview and data access, file management system applications, etc...

I hope that the students can learn C# programming and learn VS2005 here. Everyone can learn and become an excellent software development programmer!

* Video file download Tips: Open the sub-page of any of the following content, select "Download now (video) file to local!" in the page, click the right mouse button, select "Save link as" or "Save target as" Download; you can also select the above text, right click the mouse -> select the download tool (Thunder, qq whirlwind, BT download) to download the video.

The first section of preparation (this section is the text section)

· Preparation

   The second section vs2005 environment (the following section is video)

· Start page with creating a WEB site and creating a new page ·Describe the toolbar
· Make the first page and start running ·Summary exam

The third section explains the basic syntax of C#

·The concept of variables\declaration\features\common errors ·type of data
·Data type (date type) · Operator (assignment, arithmetic)
·Data type conversion · Structured data types (array)
· Structured data type two (enumeration, structure) ·Control structure 2 (loop)
·Control structure one (branch)
·Control structure three (function) ·Summary exam

The fourth section of the object

·Object overview · Create objects and usage methods and properties
· Initialize the object with the constructor · Overloaded methods and operator overloading
· .Net Core Objects (Response) ·.Net core object (Request, Server)
· Status processing (Seeeion, Cookie) ·Summary exam

Section 5 Event Driven Programming and Loopback

· Events in Asp.Net (page events) · Events in Asp.Net (control events)
·Summary exam

Section 6

·Class relationship · Class custom events
·Class--Share member ·Class-index indicator
·Class--include, inlay type ·Class--Inheritance
·Summary exam

Section VII Vs2005 Control

·SqlDataSource ·AccessDataSource
·Button Button · Single-selection list and check list
· Radio button and checkbox RadioButton, CheckBox ·Advertising Control Adrotator
·BulletedList ·Calendar
· Dropdown list DropDownList ·File upload FileUpload
·HiddenField, LinkButton, Literal · Hyperlink HyperLink
·image/imagebutton ·imagemap
· List box ListBox ·MultiView
·Container Panel ·Substitution
·Table Table ·Wizard "Wizard"
· Repeater display data · Repeater to achieve paging / nesting
·DataList display / edit data ·DataLis paging / inlay
· GridView uses the basic one · GridView uses basic two
· GridView use skills one · GridView use skill two
·Details ·FormView
· MasterPage [master page] creation MasterPage [master page] tips
· Theme and skin overview · Theme and skin application one
· Theme and skin application II ·Verification control
·Navigation Controls - Overview · Navigation controls - site maps and sitemappat
·Navigation control-menu · Dynamically modify the in-memory site map
·Custom data provider ·The basic use of treeview
·TreeView advanced use ·Member Management--Profile
·Login control integrated use ·Member management
· Create and use user controls ·WebParts overview
·WebParts One ·WebParts II
·WebParts III

Section VIII Database Connection\Reading and DataSet and DataTable, etc.

· ado.net overview · Fun Ado.Net in the vs2005 environment
·SQL query syntax basis ·ObjectDataSource
·DataSet disconnect update & Command key reinforcement ·DataSet demo
·DataSet in-depth use ·Taste the stored procedure
· Write portable data access programs

Section IX XML

·XML overview, concepts, grammar · Use the DataSet to manipulate XML
· Create a read text file ·File Management System (1)
·File Management System (2) ·File Management System (3)
·File Management System (4) · Fun files and binary
· Upload multiple files · Write reusable code - an overview

The following sections will be released soon...

· Summary test (listed later)


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