Designer's mobile mapping tool Thinkpad P50 use report and install SAMSUNG Samsung 950pro SSD upgrade experience


Hello everyone, I have been under the command of Zhang Aunt for several years. She has always been diving quietly to improve her quality of life. Aunt Zhang is getting more and more powerful and she is very happy. After working for a year in the past year, I decided to return to campus to continue my own development (si), and this will have more tossing energy. Seeing the new classmates around have changed the new computer one by one, watching it is also annoying. The Dafa svs13 on hand has followed him for 3 years. Today's Dafa has even sold its laptop business, and it is very sad. what. However, on the other hand, Dafa’s computers were still very good in my mind. The 13-inch ultra-thin body contained i7-3520 processor, Gt640Lm graphics card, as well as inhaled combo, customized carbon fiber A surface and Aluminum c surface, but also with the vga interface. Compared to today's laptop design, either thin usbs are saved for you. Either thick enough to kill people. Of course, if it is so thin, there must be some down-clocking. In fact, this laptop can fully meet my daily needs, but my family has recently asked me when I should have eliminated this Dafa for him to look at stocks and movies. His macbook pro hard drive is really too small. Then you know it.


First of all, he is not a student holding a video game every day, although now go to study, but there are still many practical projects in the ordinary, a marquee game this is definitely not my choice. So just start looking for a variety of workstations. In fact, I originally did not hesitate to buy a laptop when I would choose Dell's M5510 workstation. I used to see a school girl used a M3800, and she was immediately surprised. At that time, the news had released news that the M5510 was going to go public. Wait for the launch of the ultra-thin workstation equipped with the Quadro M2000M. However, the reality is cruel, M5510 only equipped with M1000M. The M2000M only has 960M performance. The M1000M cannot directly look at it. . So you can only choose between dell's 7510 and Thinkpad p50. However, Big Brother 7510 does not have the value of younger brother 5510. So there will be this p50 today.


In fact, this machine has been handy for three or four months. It has been busy and has no time to write evaluations.

First introduce the configuration: Xeon 1505v5 processor, 32g ddr4 2133Mhz memory, 500G 7200rpm hard drive, Nvidia Quadro m2000m 4G graphics card, 1080p monitor, school color instrument. The reason why 4k is not selected is because it is mainly used to work, so it is worried about the software adaptation problem, and also worried about the pressure of 4k on such a graphics card is a bit big. No choice of ssd is seen in some forums, said the original ssd performance is more general. And p50 itself is quite good and it is very convenient.

As shown in the picture, after removing the battery, unscrew the screw, the backboard is easily removed, you can see after removal, in fact, part of the upgrade is still a lot of free M.2 ssd bit there are two, memory Two slots, a total of four memory, full 64G can be filled, but 64g is a lot of money, I can only x two.

In terms of ssd, because the motherboard supports the ssd of the m.2 interface of the nvme protocol, the principle of qiong was used to start the Plextor M6e.

on board! Light up! What is this ghost?

Well, every time the boot is reported error, pro-test ssd can be used, you can run points, but can not go pcie channel, speed Well, about 650m/s read it.

Helpless, ah, this machine is indeed expensive, expensive, ssd do not recognize. Can only continue to enter the root 950pro

Tea is still awesome, and arrived at noon the next day. There is no problem this time. Installing the nvme driver will directly migrate the system.

Then more frying things came and tried all kinds of system migration software and all failed.

It seems that system migration still does not fly, but had to reinstall the system.

After reinstalling, An 360, ssd is really a weapon speed, ah, with mechanical boot, count bios self-test about 3 minutes, ssd is really seconds open.

Read 2100, write 940. This is the speed that nvme should have. .

Then there was CPU-Z and everybody liked to run Lufenian.

The basic information of the computer is so much.

experience feelings:

The first is the screen, the grainy feeling is not strong, but the color gamut is really not, so the school color instrument is optional.

However, I would like to say that the color correction instrument does not change the quality of the screen, but it can only make the screen more in line with its own needs. Really envy friends who bought m5510.

The color correction process is not complicated, that is, the option is really confusing.

Here is the CAD configuration file:

In actual measurement, the smoothness of the line is indeed much better than that of the old computer. If it is a 3D model, the basic rotation is not a card, and the efficiency of scientific operations such as sunshine is quite high.

Then there was a lunatic Lumion4, a lazy rendering software for students, and a real graphics killer. The reason why this software was chosen is because most professional software is based on OpenGL, which is the strength of professional cards, and this software is used. The game engine, developed on the basis of DirectX, officially recommended graphics card turned out to be Gtx980.

System speed is only Samsung, red. Can't slow down any longer, and load the large scene complex model into PPT under the full effect. Only special effects modeling can be reduced. However, this also meets my expectations for this card.

In general, for the designer, the common software can basically run perfectly, and if it is rendered, it is still the E5 on its own group desktop workstation.

to sum up:

Thinkpad P50 material I think is still quite good, A surface carbon fiber plus skin layer, feel great, B, C surface although frosted plastic, but the touch is not cold, and durability is better than other materials. But the slot is, work! work! Compared to the previous Macbook pro and Dafa svs13, it's a lot rougher, the screen axis is asymmetrical, the gap between the abrasives is large, and the asymmetric keys on the touchpad are all problems found on my P50. In terms of function, school color meters and push-type fingerprints are used as extra points for workstations. There is also heat dissipation that is really good and there is almost no noise. Recently, the friend was pushed to watch the butt, and the graphics card was basically around 60 degrees. There are few mobile workstations in the market, and the p50 is still a good choice.

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