This site is the first small ant camera storm black dual lens version

Since I fell in love with Zhang Aunt, I have found that my Parkinson has become more and more serious. This is not the first thing in black rice Jingdong.

At that time, there were 1000-50 coupons in the hand, and the last -50 bought hands.

That the East Dogs shipped on the same day, the result of a closer look is pre-sale! ! ! Pre-sale! ! ! ! Consulting customer service said that it will be shipped after October, so give up the preparation to carry the trip, the results today Jingdong Xiaoge called to speak! ! There is a good wooden forest.

Immediately after the goods are opened, wrong or wrong

I think it's still handsome, Arthas.

The packaging is safe and the sponge is all around. The box is also hard.

A family portrait

Followed by instructions, three packs of cards, camera body, Xiaoyi 42.5mm 1:1.8 and Xiaoyi 12-40mm 1:3.5-5.6 lens, data cable, charging head, shoulder strap, cleaning cloth, battery.

Camera Leica T has a sense of wood

Different from the Leica T, the body of the small ant M1 is made of plastic material, but it is still very good workmanship. With the skin on the handle and the weight of 280 grams, the small ant M1 is still very comfortable to use.

It should be noted that the screen of the Ant M1 is unable to adjust the angle. If you like to flip the screen self-timer, the screen of the Ant M1 may not be enough.

The body design is very simple, in addition to the top of the switch, the body next to the screen there are only two buttons, the top has a mode pulsator, the middle of the red dot is a video, and an adjustable parameter of the pulsator, the display is a touch screen , but when I set the time parameters, it didn't feel good.

This is the legendary pendulum, and I’ll ponder over a few models

It has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you can use Bluetooth to keep your mobile phone connected to the M1. You can quickly start Wi-Fi without entering a password. You can use the camera to share your photos directly to a circle of friends. The small ant M1 also has a built-in function called "Master Follow-up." It can assist users in composition and color adjustment, and helps small white users to quickly take "Master" photos, but they have not yet taken pictures. Who knows?

There will be a lock button when changing to the zoom lens, pay attention when retracting the lens, do not hard Oh ~ ~ ~

Take a look, take a look

The following is a plug to send the sister (automatically generated) how to see how to feel the gap so big? Certainly a model! ! ! I went to find my sister! ! !

Really a technical problem! ! ! Do not ugly! Looking forward to the work of Da

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