Haitao EPSON Epson tw6600w unpacking experience

In 2016, the New Year’s New Weather, this sunbath has long wanted to be written, but it has not had time to complete. In the past year, many important events in life have been completed, decoration, marriage, honeymoon... If you are not limited to me, please watch Extra chapter (BY THE WAY, in fact, want to cheat some gold coins, ah, ah, I have been applying for testing, not once in the middle, this RP).

First of all, the powder debut is EPSON tw6600w, due to lack of experience in the decoration time, did not set aside high-definition HDMI line, causing me to buy equipment when the bleeding can only buy advanced goods (^__^).

The official website is connected as follows:

Suggested retail price of RMB28800.00, jd was quoted at 19000+.

Official website

Official website

Official website

Official website

The yen exchange rate at the time that I started at Amazon.jp was close to 5.5. Considering that I still have the Bank of China EMV, the superposition of Haitao’s cashback activity and freight considerations, I bought it in Japan (at the time we also considered the German C home). Thanks BOC, thanks to EMS, thanks to the Customs and Excise Department, the last big box close to 10kg has no tax, EMS returned to me at 6 o'clock in the evening, I was moved to tears.


Give a screenshot of Japan, link I found there is a small tail

Found that the price has not changed

The conscience price was equivalent to 9,700 yuan at the time and 300 yuan for freight. The Bank of America’s cash back at the time of the Platinum Card was recently received, 600 yuan, that is, I started a total of 9,400 yuan, ah, acceptable, the poor can not afford to hurt, ah, must be careful, a lot of parity.

A big box is a big box, I chose the ems aero parts, 10KG about 300 shipping, I have prepared a tariff of 500, haha, finally no tax to hand!

Lift your hijab.

Box 1, the instructions given are HDMI.

This glasses 3D Oh, can charge, what effect, did not try.

AV transmitter is it! ! ! It is 1K less expensive than the TW6600, what effect, no wiring depends on it.

Can not wait to start the test machine, please ignore the messy background ... ... This is the effect of the darkroom white walls, I was moved to cry! Thumbs up!

Look, piece roast duck, HD test piece ~~

A large US film shoots slag equipment, but this brightness, lumen home theater can, and built-in small speakers will also hear a ring.

Dragging and Unloading The EPSON projector's unpacking and drying out in September 2015 was completed and summarized as follows:

Procrastinating Stellar People This is a disease cure. I'm very satisfied with the projections I started with. I have a little fan sound, but I haven't watched the video. I recently received the XBOX ONE. The effect of the game console is also OK. I have found that many players have recently sun exposure. Yeah, I hope this piece of work can pass the audit, and I hope to communicate with the players to use, Haitao experience and experience, thank you! XBOXONE See the next section, continued

Last Amway Haitao credit card:

China Bank Platinum EMV, single-issue equivalent of $100 to enjoy 5% cash back, Amazon Superposition 5%

CCB EMV, overseas 6 full 600rmb, cash back total 6%, the highest per household 360.

CITIC Full Currency White, No Brain 6%, Max Cash Back 100$

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