C3 Venture recycles plastic bottles to produce auto parts

According to the US Autoblog report, C3 Venture is a private company that produces automotive interior plastic components. It is one of Tesla's suppliers. It is said to be “returning waste into treasure” and said it will set up recycling in Flint, Michigan. Plastic bottles to produce automotive parts.

In the past few years, Flint has been recovering from serious water infrastructure problems. Due to the high levels of lead in the city, several tons of bottled water are used.

Bob Schaffer, chairman and founder of C3 Venture, said the new production facility, which was relocated from China and Turkey, would create 380 jobs. In a report, he also said, "The production of low-carbon electric vehicles is our core mission." This is a small matter, but for Flint, it is a big deal. When you see a plastic part in a Tesla Model3, you know that it may come from an old water bottle.

Earlier reports also said that C3 Venture announced that Flint's position and investment C3 Venture Flint LLC will move to Flint Riverview Industrial Park and recruit 400 new employees. C3Venture will invest $9.68 million to purchase 17.69 acres (71664 square meters) of land at James P. Cole Boulevard to produce plastic parts for Tesla Motors. The company will initially build 16,000 square feet (1,488 square meters) of office buildings, 19,600 square feet (1822.8 square meters) of industrial buildings, and will install injection molding machines into production facilities. The work in this industrial zone will begin in the fall. In the first year, the company will recruit 50 people. In the second year, it is expected to recruit 400 people when the production expansion. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation today gave C3venture a performance-based loan of 5.7 million. If the company hits a milestone, the loan will become an appropriation.

TIM Herman, president of the Flint Jonas Chamber of Commerce, said he appreciates today's announcement and said the project will help Flint surpass the goal of 1,000 new jobs. Herman believes that the 380 jobs C3 is working on are part of a broader work goal announced by Flint earlier this year. In addition, they are seeing valuable industrial properties return to production. This is a powerful signal that Flint is opening up to the enterprise.

C3Venture has a variety of shares including real estate, manufacturing and others, not just plastic companies. According to Herman, “C3 refers to clean air, water, and soil. Our core mission is to produce components for zero-emission electric vehicles. We are working hard to become an environmentally friendly expert that extends to the production process.

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