Sennheiser Sennheiser PXC550 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Since I was bored with an upstairs entrenched neighbor for a few weeks, I decided to put on a noise-reducing head for a few weeks. I was struggling between Bose's QC35 and Sennheiser PXC550. There was no place to try PXC550. After all, the 550's technology seems a bit more

First paste a link in Central Asia

Out of the box

Sennheiser's packaging

Below is the King's Dragon Sword

The damping effect of the box is harder than that of Apple.

A bunch of operation instructions

To the Lord

Left to right earphone cable charging line plane transfer

Look at the headphones separately

On the right, this is the integration of a bunch of gesture operations. The left one is useless.

Noise reduction is divided into two modes. One can set oneself. The other is that the maximum noise reduction is more flexible than BOSE.

Try to wear a bit of a chuck, don’t know if it’s better to take a few more shots.

There is an official software that can set some sound effects. What's more, there is smart play when it is turned on.

Noise reduction can also be in this tone

One aspect of my fancy is that the gesture operation feels really good. The sensitivity is high and it's not very complicated. It's smart to play the second time. Bose Street Bose volume, but also touch the physical button.

And if you poke twice, you can turn it on. You don’t need to pick a headset to talk to someone.

Well, to sum up, compared to QC35

1: The gesture operation is convenient

2: noise reduction is also good in the room try on a computer sing song feels soundproof and so on OK to take out and try again noisy environment (do not know tomorrow downstairs neighbors also installed without decoration) may be just weaker than bose

3: It's a bit of a chuck, I don't know if it's better to take more than a few times.

4: The software bad review did not speak Chinese

It should be these too

If tangled QC35 and PXC550 then comfort on the QC35

If you can sacrifice comfort and convenience, you're right.

The first time I played the original deficiencies