The biggest advantage of LED street light is not energy saving, but intelligent control

On March 11, the "Seventh China Road Lighting Forum" was held at the Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center. At the meeting, LED road lighting product application and trends are still the focus of attention.

In response to this problem, Wu Chunhai, director of the Technical Department of Shenzhen Lighting Environment Management Center, brought a statistical analysis of 63 LED street lamps and 27 companies in Shenzhen. From March 18th, 2009 to March 5th, 2011, the number of lights turned off was 17 in total, which accounted for 27.0% of the total number of lighting fixtures participated in the daily normal lighting, involving 11 companies, accounting for participating companies. 40.7%. He concluded that the evaluation of LED lamp life should go to the field test, evaluation of LED road light decline should be tested in the laboratory; at the same time, the overall stability of LED street lamps compared to the traditional street lights have gaps, not many good LED lights, good companies are more difficult Find.

Zhang Haijun, director of the Shanghai Lighting Association, also affirmed the development trend of LED, pointed out that there is now a very high lumen LED lighting products, and after years of practice, LED lighting products from immature to gradually mature, but the LED road Lighting products are still not mature.

In the analysis of advantages of LED road lighting products, Professor Lin Yandan of the Department of Light Sources and Lighting Engineering at Fudan University stated that compared with high-pressure sodium lamps, LED lights have the greatest advantage in terms of control function rather than energy saving. Intelligent street lighting is the biggest advantage in the future, and the biggest energy saving is easy to control. However, from the trend to large-scale application, it is necessary to consider the issues of cost and reliability. These problems are solved and the future is broader.

With the development of the LED industry, the LED street lamp industry will move toward the specialization of labor division. Dr. Liu Jianping, senior director of OSRAM product market, proposed that the LED lamp production must be modularized and the modularization needs to be standardized. Do not develop without modularity, and do not develop without universal use.

LED technology has become more and more sophisticated, with higher and higher levels of intelligence and standardization, and more and more applications. LED street lights have been promoted because of their obvious energy-saving effect, but they have been stopped in practical use because of poor lighting quality. Director Wu Chunhai appealed that lighting quality and energy-saving effect are the two wings of the LED street light taking off. They are indispensable and a balance must be struck between the two. Only better lighting effects of LED street lights can gain support and promote large-scale applications.

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