Space to save TV cabinet: PHILIPS Philips HTL4110/93 5.1 Home Theater TV Audio


Before the TV (Shandan see: civilians choose: coocaa cool 55K1Y 55-inch Youth Edition cloud smart LCD TV), the projector with a stereo is a 2.1 desktop audio cut from my brother. This stereo has always occupied a small TV cabinet. The utilization rate of the TV cabinet has become very low. At the same time there is no remote control and it is very troublesome to try to adjust the volume every time.

As shown in the above figure, the huge subwoofer and two small boxes basically occupied half of the two squares under the TV cabinet, causing the PS4 to be placed only on the side. As everyone in Beijing knows, dust stands on the edge of a week. Therefore, thinking about changing the sound, either saving space or convenience, or can greatly improve the sound effect.

After watching the ring, I gave up. On the one hand, I was too troublesome with the cable, the wireless was more expensive, and the room was small (the projector screen basically occupied a wall without leaving any space). So I started looking for energy. Space-saving sound.

Nature began to pick in the Sound Bar, found that the Philips HTL4110/93 this guy should be one of the most space-efficient one, there are Bluetooth, NFC and virtual 5.1 (this effect is discussed later), the most critical thing is to put the TV on this guy Above, no TV cabinet is occupied. So swiftly ordering, at the time due to missed the good price of the double eleven, from 999 prices have risen to 1999, but fortunately Yi Xun is still more conscience, November 15th 999 from Yi Yixun one, today found easy to increase prices It was 1999.

However, the price of this thing I think can pay more attention to the next Aunt, this thing sooner or later will lower the price back to the level of 999.

experience feelings

Let's talk about the feelings of this month. After the things arrived, they also took the opportunity to completely clean up the TV cabinet.

USB and 3.5mm input on the side make it easy to insert U disk or connect to other devices for fast playback.

The appearance is still very good, although not very high, but the wooden box and the front of the screen with a large metal knob at least not shanzhai not ugly. There is a small display on the edge of the button, which shows basic information such as sound source, switch, volume, and sound effects. However, it seems that because the OLED is particularly bright during the daytime, it is almost unclear.

The back of the interface is still many, digital coaxial, digital fiber, AUX and an HDMI 1.4. I currently use a fiber port.

On the top of the front there is a source switch button and NFC sensor. NFC is a very convenient feature. The phone can help Bluetooth to complete the pairing connection. I usually use it to listen to podcasts in PocketCast or listen to the song list of shrimps. Computer. You don't even think about iPhone users. Your iPhone 6 and Plus's NFC can only be used for payment. You can't do other haha.

This top load is 22 kg and should be placed in the middle when placing the TV. Don't be too biased, and do not allow the TV stand to project out of the sound box. The official data for this gadget is 32.5cm70.06cm, but there is about 3cm on the front that cannot be weighed. It is the bright bar and audio part of the NFC tag on the picture above. The TV that can hold TV is 29cm70cm. If your TV bracket is huge or heavy, please choose carefully.

Also don't stick to the wall directly. The phase hole is behind and you need to leave a certain distance.

Having a remote control is a good thing. You can control the volume by lying on a lazy couch, but the downside is that there is no light. . Sometimes you need to explore it at night.

Alas, after a bit of tidying up, the TV cabinet was used to its fullest extent. The game board, Blu-ray, a bunch of handles and three mainframes could all be placed in the TV cabinet. There is still a lot of space left. So say this sound bar with a small TV cabinet is still very good, save space!


Finally talk about the sound, first of all than the TV comes with better, but the so-called virtual 5.1 and surround sound also do not take it seriously, the effect of the surround can hear some, but certainly not as real 5.1 or 7.1.

However, it is enough for me to watch movies and play games. I can usually connect mobile phones to listen to music. If you do not require sound, then this thing will definitely satisfy you. (I have recently used this thing instead of the phone own speaker to play king rush hahaha)

to sum up

Advantages: affordable and cheap, modeling is also good, the basic functions are, NFC and Bluetooth can effectively increase the utilization, watching movies and music can be completed. Sound is OK. It is highly recommended to put a TV above. It is an effective way to save precious space on the TV cabinet without a wall-mounted TV!

Disadvantages: Virtual 5.1 and surround sound are also gimmicks. It is better if the remote control has a backlight.

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