How to watch a movie correctly: Those things that are easy to ignore in the construction of a home theater

In fact, this draft of experience has been on the Internet for a long time and has not been completed. On the one hand, there are indeed many things to do at work and at home. On the other hand, many things that were originally intended to be written have never been conceived. How can they be better expressed? , so it has been put on hold for months. Recently due to some improvement in work ) And some of the equipment in the home theater needs to be updated. Something that wasn't even thought about was encountered. So think about it and readjust this experience to help some want to go on the projection. (TV is really not that much trouble, but BIGGER Well ) And the friends who set up a home theater provide some experience, and give everyone a wake up on something that is easy to ignore.

1. My theater

Let's talk about my theater configuration. First of all, let's say that my so-called theater is not just a video system + an audio system, but a complete set of families including how to comfortably and conveniently watch movies and television. The overall plan including the network, maybe some things do not suit your needs, but as a valued friend, please try to understand as much as possible

Well, less nonsense.

The old system configuration is as follows:

Projection: Projection of Mitsubishi HC3100 720P (Know why I upgraded?)

Screen: Grandview Mei Shi 100 inch 16:9 hand-drawn white plastic screen

Amplifier: Yamaha V371

Speaker: Yamaha NS-P280 Set

Blu-ray: Hualu 2012

HTPC configuration:

CPU: Intel G620

Motherboard: Zotec H61-ITX

Memory: kingston 1333 2Gx2

Hard disk: sandisk V300 64G

Network card: atheros AR5418

Router: linksys E3000 brush tomato

Storage System:

ORICO 7269 us3 Hard Disk Box+1T seagate pipeline HD Disk+2T Seagate Monitor Disk

Buffalo LS-WVL+3T seagate monitoring disk x2

The main upgrade is the projection, replaced by EPSON's TW5200, I will not release the parameters of the horse, Aunt Zhang is basically a monthly recommended rhythm, especially in Japan and Asia often burst out of the naked price of 4000 yuan It is really a good upgrade option. ). Of course, there are higher requirements of the basin friends can consider tw6200 or tw6600 or even tw8200, tw6200 in the previous one in Japan had to achieve a price of 120,000 + yen, basically equivalent to about 6500 yuan, is also a good choice.

The second upgrade was to replace the router with the Asus AC66u and the wireless network card to the intel 7260 AC. Why such an upgrade is followed by painful lessons for everyone to share.

2, video output system

As the video output system is basically the face of the entire theater system, especially the projection system because it has a much larger viewing area than the ordinary television, the resolution is particularly sensitive here (please refer to the relationship between pixel density and viewing distance). It's not too tight or suggest that everyone go in 1080P. As for the choice of DLP and 3LCD, this is a matter of opinion, 3LCD has better color performance, and DLP also has its own advantages in brightness 3d and so on. As for the number of lumens, the minimum parameters for entry projection are now 2000 lumens. Moreover, since the projection image is reflected by the screen reflection to achieve the image output, no matter how high the lumen number is, it can't be as bright as the LCD TV. This is caused by the projection of an innate gene.

There is a personal opinion about the choice of projection, and Aunt Zhang’s recommendations are also many, and I will not recommend it here. Here to say is that for the choice of HDMI cable, because the HDMI cable is transmitted digital signal, in principle, there will be no serious attenuation and interference problems analog signal, then the real impact on the quality of the wire is the basic support for HDMI Version and business conscience If it is a pre-installation decoration, then we suggest that you directly on the HDMI 2.0 cable, leaving room for the next 4K, HDMI line try not to walk at right angles, there must be a certain degree of arc. In addition to the power amplifier to projection needs to use HDMI2.0, other devices can choose the appropriate wire according to the output capacity, Blu-ray 3D requires HDMI 1.3 or later versions of the line. When I took a friend tossing an HTPC, I repeatedly found various phenomena such as no sound or screen jitter, etc. due to the use of a relatively poor HDMI cable output. Therefore, it is better to choose a brand with relatively good reputation for the wires buried in the wall.

There is also a problem that is easy to ignore here is that for some friends who use the old interface (such as color difference components, S-Video, VGA, RCA) to connect the amplifier need to pay attention, a lot of low-end power amplifier does not support mixed output of the video, that is, you use What port input must use what port output , for example, if you use the color difference input, you must output the color difference. If you have this kind of demand, then the projection is better to connect several video interfaces, especially the friends who pay attention to the decoration of the decoration line. .

Actually, the selection of curtains did not have much experience. At that time, the selection of the market was not as much as it is now, and the buddy bought a red leaf curtain for the first week of the house just like the gas room (should be the case in 2007). Great taste. So I still chose a big name, I do not know how the current domestic brands work. For a while ago to help relatives at home to buy projectors also consulted the issue of the curtain, it seems that everyone now choose the electric screen, sales also told me that the locking mechanism of the hand-drawn screen is easy to bad, I told him my hand It's been six years since he even said that I'm lucky... well, maybe I'm really lucky. However, the real benefit of the electric screen is that it is easy to use from top to bottom, and some of them can be remotely controlled without having to go to the front to get started. Here to remind the decoration of children's shoes, if you want to do a slot to block the curtain box, tens of millions of good size, especially the use of electric curtain, but also design the position of the wall plug, especially to do a dual-output projection TV It must be enough for the thickness of the TV after the curtain.

Another problem is the flaws encountered during my upgrade. The above figure is my HC3100 hoisting position. I can cast 100 inches at this position, but when I change to TW5200, I use the ultra-short focus. The maximum distance for shooting 100 inches is only 3.2m. I had to buy a wall rack to adjust the distance so that the projection can reach the proper position. (As shown below)

Therefore, we advise you to buy projection children's shoes must be optimistic about their want to buy the parameters of the projection, in particular, the screen size corresponding to the projection distance, as well as the relationship between the projection screen relative to the projection position, complete the measurement and then construction. There are projection hangers that are optimally adjustable so that they have better adaptability when replacing projections.

3, audio output system

There is no relatively complete 5.1 audio system for a movie theater. It cannot be called a movie theater. It can only be called a big TV. Only 5.1 or more audio systems can create the atmosphere of the spot, and only DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD can bring you the most full sound experience. Then under this premise, a power amplifier that supports next-generation audio decoding becomes a must.

For the audio system, I think the most indispensable is the power amplifier. As the dispatch center of this complete system, the power amplifier allows you to easily connect various devices and only need a set of audio and video output. In fact, for the average user, the meaning of the power amplifier is to manage more playback devices conveniently. As for brands, AV amplifiers (not AV) are mostly Japanese (you don't really want to ), Yamaha, Tianlong, Onkyo, Pioneer, these power amplifiers under the same price difference between the function is not obvious, non-burning friends is also difficult to hear the difference between the other department is basically only Harman Kardon's relatively easy to buy . Therefore, after everyone determines the budget, they look at brand loyalty. Value-friends here are not recommended to buy the lowest-end models if they are not too shy, one is that the HDMI interface may be relatively small, the second is that the output power may be lower, the number of supported speakers is also different, and the third is the lowest-end model There is often a lack of an automatic tuning system. This system is still very important, especially for people who are first touching the sound and lazy people. Other functions that are icing on the cake include internet connection, mobile phone control amplifier and mixed audio and video output. Feng Yu You, please choose by yourself.

My speaker selection NP280 is actually no other reason, that is, cheap, small box is also good push, midrange is also good, bass is more turbid, treble ... ... treble is God horse? This box is only a transition, after all, we must first achieve the most basic functional requirements and then say that the function is done. As for the value of the pursuit of Friends of the proposal directly on BOSE's AM10 (that is money more than the meaning of friends ), do not look like a multi-media box size (not subwoofer ) But the energy output is enough to let the neighbors break your door.

Some valued friends here may mention logitech's Z906. I don't recommend it as a theater audio output system. On the one hand, the highest decoding LPCM is still relatively large compared to the current HD decoding requirements. On the other hand, the rear Interface only analog 5.1 and fiber, basically only supports the computer's direct output rhythm, for some of the current only HDMI device is really hopeful. And when you want to upgrade to the amplifier plus speaker, because the subwoofer and amplifier are together, and there is no common subwoofer input, resulting in only using the original 5.0, that 0.1 also need to go with their own The brand virtually increases costs.

4, HTPC with experience

Maybe some people must say this configuration when they see my configuration. Well, in fact, the lord admits that this configuration is really bad... but this is a match with the requirements of the theater at the time. At that time, the first HTPC acer R3610 had just been laid off. It was in urgent need of a small low-power machine to perform the dual tasks of downloading and HTPC, and it was very simple to be able to smoothly play 1080P+ direct high-definition audio on OK. 3D is not supported by the HC3100 because it does not support it.

Then, in accordance with the principle of doing more with less, if you are poor, you can just say ) Celeron integrated graphics card became the best choice, if the value of friends have Blu-ray 3D needs, please go straight to i3. The current episodes are all set for the 1080P, do not add any form of independence, of course, want to be part of the game machine.

Motherboard selects ITX mainly for the sake of saving the land. On the map above, we should be able to see that the 2 layers in the lower right corner of this closet are used by me to place the equipment, so the space is really limited, and at the time we also connected the USB external double-disc hard disk. Boxes and external optical drives are basically full of piles.

During the renovation I did not have a wired network interface at this location (Tumenson figured out, thinking that wireless saves the world ), resulting in the need to choose a wireless network card or built-in wireless network card motherboard, USB network card although it is not bad, but it is not willing to buy equipment in the periphery of the chassis, coupled with home comet people come and go, this is very prominent It is easy to change into a toy. So the motherboard with mini-pcie became the first choice. To know that in the era of H61 this interface is still scarce, ah, find and find only Sotec's this paragraph basically meets the requirements, so on this, did not expect this board bios is simply a prehistoric product, various options clutter, but also Can not save the settings often, it is no longer wonderful. Speaking of this, please allow the Lord to go to the toilet and cry

Memory 1333 was because Celeron also supported this frequency. It was a waste of money to buy. The solid state was a product that was eliminated from the main machine. Originally used is a 160G Western Digital disk, because the long-term download machine does not need to switch machine so the hard disk speed is not so important, until there is NAS...

Now that we have to say that piece of network card, AR5418 - known as the strongest dual-band 300M network card, which is to match the E3000's 5G band to buy, why use dual-band? Because the 2.4G band in the home has been congested, coupled with certain device speed limitations, the entire 2.4G segment network transmission speed can only be maintained at 70 ~ 100Mbps level, and from time to time will drop to only 20 ~ 30Mbps level . Maybe everyone has no concept, so to speak, this network speed playback of some 1080P movies is very easy to buffer phenomenon, especially on one side put aside the phone brush a microblogging Shenma (Why do you want to brush the microblogging? We went to LD )

Maybe someone might say that you can use a power cat, eh, it's a good idea The lord also tried, but first, the maximum theoretical connection rate of the electricity cat is 500 Mbps, but also need to have a Gigabit network interface, so that a pair of electricity cats can go to the search to find how much money ... ... of course the depressed lord is still Hard-hearted , But the truth is... Electricity cats are also unstable. Even if you assign a separate power wall to your power cat, you will still get stuck after long hours of work due to various reasons (personally regarded as the cause of heat dissipation).

The above 5G frequency bands have become the last straws. At that time, they were only able to reach a speed of 300 Mbps. Under the same room conditions, they could run out at full speed. However, they still cannot solve some of the original Blu-ray disk playback cards. This is why they are now upgraded to 5G AC system causes. So advise you to think of the value of the theater friends, HTPC and NAS connection is best through the router's Gigabit wired port, everything is not a problem.

5, storage devices

The owner of the storage device is also starting from the hard disk box, we see my configuration list should be able to know, first 1T hard drive and then 2T followed by 3T. Playing high-definition is a storage bottomless hole ... before, in order to be able to more easily find their own movies, bought a double-disc USB 3.0 hard disk box (at that time still using HTPC as a download machine). Utorrent 7X24 runs on the computer, but the sound of the fan can always be heard when sleeping, and even if it is slight (it can't be seen when you watch it), it is still very easy to affect sleep. And power consumption is not too friendly, plus sometimes want to do some simple operation on the download machine but also open windows remote desktop is really unpleasant, so build a NAS has become the best choice.

Checked many brands before forming NAS, only Buffalo's WVL is the cheapest (at that time there is no black group ...), then picking up the success (double 600 seats, but also a bike ah) to achieve a variety of changes to the transmission download , chrome add plug-ins can directly click on the seed link to join the download queue, there are powerful enough web management page, I have basically satisfied the needs of the NAS.

However, if I am sure I will choose Synology or QNAP, why? Because these NAS have more perfect software, they can provide more kinds of easy-to-use functions, not only a download machine, but also can provide you with a personal private cloud. It ). And at home, multimedia sharing between various devices can be realized, and more importantly, it is the backup of important files of the family, especially photos. (Every hardware is a cloud, only the data is priceless)

Here is a suggestion for a friend who wants to set up a black group. If it is set up from 0 (that is, there is no eliminated hardware, or if you don't buy a finished NAS like HP), I personally recommend that you directly group NAS with more than 4 bays (that is, The motherboard must have more than 4 sata interfaces, because the NAS of your group 2 will not be much cheaper than a white group or QNAP even if you compress the cost again. Although the CPU power you use at the same price is definitely stronger, for general users, save the photos, the next BT, and be a file server, your CPU power is excessive. Unless you use Realtime's own video station to transcode your Blu-ray disc every day, if that effect is acceptable to you, what else would you like to do? As for how the black group matches how to play, I wouldn’t have to pay more for this. The aunt’s home is full of tutorials, but it’s not OK.

6. Summary

In addition to the various devices listed above, I have also added video game players, Blu-ray players, China Unicom TV boxes and digital music players made by the Raspberry Pi. It is still considering whether to add an Android set-top box, but because the amplifier interface is full, it is considering which device to replace in the end. (When this article was written, the Blu-ray machine went on strike, and it seems that I was choosing me. ). As far as the current situation is concerned, in addition to certain value-friends who want to use the whole machine, the power amplifier with 5x HDMI input is enough for everyone to use, and if you want to project dual-output TV, then the amplifier with dual HDMI output becomes a must-have item. (usually the middle and above models only).

Value-friends may have seen it. I don't have TV here because neither I nor LD like to watch TV programs. In addition to some sports games, the set-top box is usually not open. Some people may think that watching TV is a waste of projection. In fact, it is not less than the cost of TV. At the time, my HC3100 had only 3000 hours of lamp life in the economic model, and I still used it for 6 years (the life of the lamp has not yet reached, only 2400 hours about). Although not every day, they are used very often. Sometimes friends come to their homes and even open all day. The current projector lamp life is basically 4000 to 6000 hours, that is to say, 10 years should not be a problem, 10 years later you do not change 4K?

The last thing to remind everyone is to choose various hardware hardware or to start with their own needs, try to make their own theater balance does not appear too obvious short board, such as want to play 1080 then the video output device is necessary Support 1080, then the input source must also be able to achieve smooth playback, transmission media must be able to do not jam, storage devices also have enough space. If you want to use the current device transition also try to allow other devices to leave enough room for upgrades, otherwise it will affect the whole body, when you find yourself buying a new device after the surrounding must be replaced when it is the most people Headache thing.

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